Chapter 5226 is a  membership organization for active adults ages 50+, representing AARP at the local level.

Our chapter motto, “To Serve, Not To Be Served,” tells it all. We offer an extensive program of community outreach, advocacy, scholarships, travel and a wide range of social and recreational activities. We are committed to serving the needs and interests of our members and the South Coastal Delaware area.

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Membership Renewal

The new Chapter membership year begins September 1.  Information about joining the Chapter or renewing your membership can be found in the monthly Chapter newsletter.  In addition, this information and a link to the membership application form can also be found on the Chapter Membership page.

Upcoming Chapter Events

Chapter meetings which include lunch are held the third Tuesday of the month September through June at Cripple Creek Golf and Country Club, 29494 Cripple Creek Road, Dagsboro, DE. Doors are open at 11 am with lunch served at 12 noon. Only those who need to set up should arrive before 11 a.m. A program and business meeting follow lunch.

Meeting and Luncheon Reservation/Cancellation Policy

Reservations are required. The deadline for all reservations and cancellations for chapter meetings and luncheons is the Monday prior to the week of the luncheon when the luncheon occurs on Tuesday. If for any reason, the day of the luncheon changes, the deadline is eight days before the deadline. Anyone who cancels after the deadline or does not show for any reason will be billed the full amount of the cost of the luncheon. We do not accept walk-ins.

For more information on meeting times and reservation, please visit Chapter Meetings.

Artisans Fair

The Artisans Fair, which raises money for the scholarship fund will be held Saturday, May 27, 2023, at Lord Baltimore Elementary School, Ocean View, for the first time since 2019. Interested exhibitors should click on Apply to Be an Exhibitor on the dropdown menu. Members interested in volunteering the day of the fair should email coleen.cardy@yahoo.com.

September Newsletter from the Desk of the President

The past two years have been difficult for all of us in many ways due to the pandemic. As we continue to face our adjusted way of life, it has been a change for us within our family and social interactions, along with our membership in the AARP Southern Coastal, local Chapter #5226.

I write to ask for continuing and/or renewal of your membership status within the South Coastal Delaware Chapter #5226 of AARP. This year will be one of more activities.

The attendance at Chapter Meetings has been at our lowest number since January of 2022. I am aware that many of you have not attended due to the food and service at our last location for  Chapter meeting and luncheons.

Please be aware that we will continue these Chapter Meetings and luncheons, HOWEVER, we will be returning to Cripple Creek as our meeting location and luncheon on the 3rd  Tuesday of each month commencing in September.

Additionally, there are many things in life that detract or hinder us from being as active as we could be, but just need a bit of a nudge in the right direction.

 I am hoping that you will plan to attend the Chapter Meetings and luncheons on the 3rd Tuesday of each month starting in September, at Cripple Creek. Our newsletter will communicate the specifics for planning purposes.

Our Tour Committee is active again and busy planning many exciting events for those who wish to join in these adventures.

Our Scholarship Committee is planning for an Artisan’s Fair this season.

The Chorus will be active again in the Fall. If you wish to be involved, please let us know or communicate directly  to the Director (Ann Jaegar).

The Community Service Committee will be communicating their events this coming season in our newsletter 

We also can increase our activities based on the support and interest of the group. Please communicate to me and/or other members of the Board of your specific interests.

You can become more involved by volunteering for activities, committees, and administrative responsibilities.

I look forward to your attendance our Chapter Meetings.


Rose Verona