Apply To Be an Exhibitor

Exhibitor Application Requirements

Artisans Fair
All work must be created by the participating artisans.
Both indoor and outdoor 10 x 10 foot spaces are available.
To be considered to become an exhibitor, the artisan should submit the following information to

  • Name, address, telephone numbers and email address.
  • A brief description of the work to be exhibited.
  • At least three digital photos that are representative of the work to be exhibited.

All applicants are considered by our review committee and notified of whether they can be accepted for participation in the show within 30 days of receipt of their application.

Farmers Market
Outdoor spaces are available for a limited number of participating vendors who offer produce, other food products, and items for outdoor living.
To be considered to become a vendor for the farmers market, submit an application, including the following information, to

  • Name, address, telephone numbers and email address.
  • A brief description of the products or items that would be offered at the market.
  • The URL address of a website for the business, if applicable.

Exhibitor Fees for 2023

Indoor: $105 per exhibit unit (10 x 10 feet space)

Outdoor: $85 per exhibit unit

Farmers Market: $85 per exhibit unit

Show Hours and Set Up

The show hours for artisans are 9 am – 3 pm. The show hours for Farmers Market vendors are 9 am – 1 pm.  All exhibitors are expected to stay for the entire show.  Exhibitors who leave early will not be invited to future shows.

We provide staggered arrival times for exhibitors. All exhibitors are expected to arrive at least one hour prior to the show’s opening to assure that they are completely set up by the opening.  After unloading, exhibitors must move their vehicles to the area designated by the parking staff.

Cancellation Policies

Refunds are granted for any reason up to 90 days prior to the show. A $20 administrative fee will be charged.

For cancellations requested from 8-89 days prior to the show, a refund minus the $20 administrative fee will be granted only if a substitute is available.

No refunds will be given for requests made less than eight days prior to the show.  If the cancellation is due to illness of the exhibitor or other emergency situation, a 50 percent credit applicable to the next year’s show will be given.

No refunds will be given for inclement weather.