Chapter Meetings

Chapter meetings with lunch, effective Jan 2022, will take place every 3rd Tuesday of the month starting with Jan 18th, 2022 and will be held at Bear Trap in their “Dunes” room.  Address for Bear Trap is: Bear Trap, 7 Clubhouse Drive, Oceanview, DE.  The doors open at 10:45am for set up.  Social time is 11:30-noon. Lunch served at noon. Speakers will present after lunch followed by Chapter meeting.

A program follows lunch.  In addition to hearing speakers on a variety of topics, attendees have the chance to learn about upcoming chapter events and to get to know other members.

Members may make their luncheon reservations by calling Allys Macken at 616-2650 or by contacting Mary Ann Dougherty at 541-9412 or by 12:00 noon on the Wednesday before the meeting (which is held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month).  If you make a reservation by email, you will receive an email confirmation.  If you do not receive the confirmation, you will not be included in the luncheon count.  If you leave a telephone message for your reservation, you will receive a call back.  If you do not receive the call back, you will not be included in the luncheon count.

To cancel prior to the deadline for making reservations, you should contact the same person that you contacted to make the reservation.  To cancel after the deadline, you should contact Linda Miller at 302-236-5570. If you make a reservation for the luncheon and you do not attend, you are obligated to pay for the cost of the luncheon.