Community Service

South Coastal DE AARP Chapter 5226 provides support to many groups in the area, both financially and through volunteer activities.

Here are a few examples of our community service activities, which are spearheaded by the Community Service Committee:

  • In the Fall, we collected “Dollars for Coats,” which enabled us to buy coats, jackets, and other cold weather gear for needy students at a local elementary school.
  • Chapter members contributed more than 200 Christmas gifts for seniors, which were distributed on Christmas Day through the Cheer Center’s Meals on Wheels program.
  • In February, we assisted staff at a local elementary school to hold a “Dental Day,” teaching school kids about the benefits of good dental hygiene. Chapter members donated “kids” toothpaste, and we purchased some teaching materials for the trainers at the school.
  • In March. the Community Service Committee sponsors a movie at the Clayton Theatre in Dagsboro. The proceeds are donated towards a worthy cause.