Officers and Directors

Chapter policies are set by an elected Board of Directors consisting of the Chapter Officers and six Board Members.

Chapter Officers include President, Vice-President, Program Director, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer.

All officers are elected for a 1-year term, and officers may serve up to three consecutive terms except that the Vice-President and the Assistant Treasurer may serve up to six consecutive terms.

Board members are elected for one 3-year term, and two members are elected annually.

Executive Board Officers

PRESIDENT – Rose Verona 630-297-2562 (cell)

VICE PRESIDENT – Lazar Cherry 347-807-6481

PROGRAM CHAIR – Susan Kerwin 302-236-3481

SECRETARY – Terry Baker 410-812-9063

ASSISTANT SECRETARY – Jane Bartolomeo 302-436-8208

TREASURER – Sheila Bower 602-688-5300

ASSISTANT TREASURER – Bob Lesperance 302-537-7845

Directors and Terms

Jack Beall 2020-2022

Andrea Gowetski 2020-2022

John Macken 2021-2023

Ida Crist 2022-2024 

Dottie Rieck 2022-2024

Nominating Committee - 2-year term

Sue Dick 2022-2023

Sandy Raymond 2022-2023

Lana Linz 2022-2023

Zelda Cherry 2022-2023

Sandra McGrath 2022-2023